The Husband's Secret Review

This is the second novel I’ve read by Moriarty, and I was able to pick out similarities in her writing structure. She likes to have a “perfect” character who appears to have life figured out, then put them in a chaotic environment. She also likes to have multiple story lines and in the end mesh them together.

The Husband’s Secret provides mystery and comedy, but also leaves you thinking about it for days.

Big Little Lies: A book and TV series comparison

Liane Moriarty’s novel Big Little Lies released in 2014 and was an instant hit. Coincidentally, the first time I heard of the author was when Reese Witherspoon posted a photo Truly Madly Deeply on her Instagram account. If Reese was reading Moriarty, I knew I had to. I read Big Little Lies and I’m currently reading A Husband’s Secret.