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Wolf Lake Review

Wolf Lake Review

Hi Tiders! 

I'm officially a MRS! Meaning gone are the days of wedding planning and a huge block of time has opened back up for me to read and blog. Lucky you! 


As I mentioned a few posts back, my husband proposed with the engagement ring hidden in the back of Pride and Prejudice. Of course, we had to pay homage to the engagement somehow in the wedding, so our ring bearer carried a book down the aisle rather than a pillow. Best of all, my mother made the cover and hand embroidered the pattern. It just about killed her to carve a hole in an old book of poetry, but what better use for a book than to carry two symbols of love down an aisle?  


My wedding was a complete fairy tale, I wouldn't have changed a thing and I'll forever be grateful for the memories my husband and I are blessed with. 

NOW. On our flights to and from Ireland, I was able to fit in some substantial reading. I read Wolf Lake by John Verdon, and Jodi Picoult's newest novel Small Great Things. Today will focus on Wolf Lake. 

My mom actually told me to check out this novel, and after reading a quick summary, I knew it was a plot, well, for the books. 

wolf lake.jpg

Four people across the country, with little in common, have reported having the same chilling dream, being killed with a bloody dagger with a wolf's head carved on the handle. All four are subsequently found with their wrists cut, apparent suicides, and the weapon used in each case was a wolf's head dagger. Could a nightmare be used as a murder weapon? This is the question posed for former NYPD star detective Dave Gurney. Police quickly zero in on Richard Hammond, a controversial hypnotherapist who works at the esteemed resort, Wolf Lake. Turns out, all four victims had met with Hammond shortly before turning up dead. 
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This is book number five in the Dave Gurney series, having never read a book from the series, I have a non-biased opinion. If you’re invested in the series, just keep in mind I don’t know these characters or anything about their past development. With that being said, for a psychological thriller, I’d rate it a solid 3.5 stars.

But can you imagine? Having the same dream as three different people? And more so, if someone could be hypnotized to commit suicide. That would make the hypnotist the ultimate, untraceable serial killer, and sought after murder weapon.

The plot kept me enthralled while introducing some key (and honestly, creepy) characters. There was a definite who-dun-it feel between the foreboding grounds keeper, druggy brother, hypnotist, and his codependent sister. Verdon successfully introduced compelling theories to keep you guessing who was the true murderer.

In the end, it took a weird turn that turned me off; after the climax, the catching of the killer was a bit gruesome, and each hack (ugh, shuddering) tried to one up the last one.

With Halloween right around the corner, this would be a great one to add into the mix if Steven King and Ann Rice keep you up at night.

Watch for my next review on Small Great Things soon. Right now, I’m reading Reese Witherspoon’s Whiskey in a Teacup. Are you even surprised? I can’t wait to write up a review on that one! Till next time…

-Go With the Tide-

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