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Warcross: A Review

Warcross: A Review

Warcross by Marie Lu has been one of the most anticipated novels of 2017 and received a ton of hype at BookCon. Lu already has a secure fan base thanks to her Legend & Young Elite Series, and fans have been anxiously awaiting her new Warcross Series. Lu was an art director at a video game company before becoming a full time author, and she showcases her video game past in her new novel.

Warcross is a game that has become a global obsession that many play to escape reality and others for profit. Teenage hacker Emika Chen works as a bounty hunter to track players who engage in illegal activity in the game. But one hack goes wrong and Emika finds herself in the middle of the opening ceremonies, and an overnight global sensation.  But instead of being punished for her intrusion, she finds herself face to face with the game’s creator and working undercover as his spy. Read a full summary here.



This book grabs hold of you from the first chapter and doesn’t let go. Emika has experienced many misfortunes in her life, and threw herself into the world of Warcross to cope. Just as Emika engulfs herself in Warcross, Lu does the same for her readers. It’s a stunningly visual book, with descriptions of the worlds the players find themselves in, packed with action and mystery along the way. The read is a great choice for the tech lover and gamer. The virtual reality, code, and hacking is all something that could very much become a reality in the near future, given our current technology.  

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There are many elements that made this a successful read: a unique heroine, diverse characters, fantastical settings, cultural representation, romance, and an intense plot line. The ending sets the story line up for an exciting sequel that is due in 2018. I’ll be stalking the internet for a release date, and dreaming of the sequel until then. *Le Sigh*

Favorite Chapter: Chapter 19 


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