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Something in the Water Review

Something in the Water Review

This one time....I saw Reese Witherspoon reading Something in the Water, so I read Something in the Water. 

I've been in the mood for a good mystery. I found The Next Girl by Carla Kovach on sale on iBooks for $2.99 thinking it sounded like a winner; I was so wrong. I should have stopped reading it about 75 pages in, but I've always felt guilty quitting on a book, so I finished it. I cannot sigh deeply enough and tell you I do not recommend it. 

Consequently, I was in a rather nasty book hangover, and still yearning for a twisty mystery. While mournfully scrolling Instagram, Reese Witherspoon popped up on my feed and saved the day. Her June book of the month for her book club was Something in the Water by Catherine Steadman. After quickly scanning the caption, I knew it was just what I was looking for. 

I downloaded it immediately, and naturally, began reading it after I changed into my favorite Draper James shirt. It only seemed fitting. 

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Erin and Mark are on a two week honeymoon in Bora Bora staying at a cozy 5 star resort basking in the sunshine in all their newlywed glory. What could go wrong? After scuba diving in the crystal sea, they find something in the water. Their discovery sparks a moral battle, do they tell the truth, or keep a secret? Read a full summary here

Catherine Steadman is an actress (shoutout to all my Downton Abbey lovers out there), and this is her debut novel. It comes just in time for summer and makes for the perfect beach read! I do hope Steadman keeps writing, she gracefully narrates the novel while weaving the reader into Erin's mind. 

This book captivated me from page one. If you've ever wondered how to properly dig a grave, you'll learn in the first chapter. Throughout the novel, your mind constantly goes back to chapter one, and why Erin was burying her husband. (As an engaged woman, this story line freaked out my fiancé!)

The morality of the novel is what makes me love it so much. You find yourself wondering what you would do if you were to find something similar to Erin and Mark. Would you handle it the same way? Are you smart enough to get away with keeping a secret that substantial? It makes you consider your trust for your partner as well. When faced with difficult times or choices, would your marriage survive as a team, or would it alienate you and ultimately tear you a part? 

The something they find is just the catalyst for a chain of hear-pounding, tangled events. I had a hunch about the ending, and was partially right! But the extent of the climax was something I didn't see coming. 

So, read for yourself, then you can decide.....can you keep a secret? 

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