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Sisters  First: A Review

Sisters First: A Review

Those wild Bush girls….got me out of my book slump! Jenna Bush Hager and Barbara Bush wrote a unique biography that they describe as love stories to one another. There were multiple times the fraternal Bush twins had me teary eyed and longing for a hug from my momma or my best friend. (I have two brothers, and as much as I love them, sometimes you need a more sisterly hug.)

The Bush women come through the pages as intelligent, likable, and at times hilarious as they recount memories of growing up in Midland, Texas and later Austin in the Governor’s mansion.  They shed light on what life is like in the Governor’s mansion as well as the White House.  It’s not only an intimate glimpse into their lives, but the Bush family and senior Bush family as well.

They reminisced on their grandfather becoming president when they were young children and their father later as teenagers, but also funny moments with the Secret Service, teenage angst, heartbreak, and the fight for normalcy in a light in the spotlight.


The most impactful chapters to me were those where Jenna and Barbara recount where they were on September 11, 2001. Of course, if you lived during that event, you remember where you were when you heard the news, and almost all of us know someone impacted by the tragedy. Reading how close they were to the situation, let alone the Secret Service men and women working alongside them, was eye opening and heart wrenching to read. Barbara then shares how nervous her mother and she were when President George W. Bush threw the first pitch at Yankee Stadium after the towers fell. She then goes on to share how his decisions after 9/11 left his heart in turmoil.  

Sisters First  is a memoir, but also a story about family.  How those who came before you worked so very hard for your future; how those closest to you will be there to share your joy and lift you up in times of sadness; and how the death of a loved one is an impending presence, but there is always life to be celebrated.

Jenna and Barbara may be First Daughters of the United States, but they were sisters first.

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