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Dark Side of the Moon Review

Dark Side of the Moon Review

Greetings! These past couple of weeks have been a whirlwind. I had such fun with the giveaway for a signed copy of Space Runners: The Dark Side of the Moon by Jeramey Kraatz. Congratulations again to Chase Tremaine, our winner! I know I promised you a review DAYS ago, but I got engaged! Then I was engaged in celebrating the engagement. (Sorry, I couldn't help myself.) 


Lets hop to it, shall we? The Dark Side of the Moon is the second installment of Kraatz's Space Runners series. Benny Love and his friends have managed to save the Earth, but with their leader, Elijah, gone they're stuck on the Lunar Taj without any guidance. Not knowing when the next attack may be, they learn Elijah's research partner has been living on the dark side of the moon. He has knowledge they need, but can he be trusted? Read a full summary here.

This novel is great for young readers who love action or science fiction. From the beginning, it's action packed with plenty of plot twists. (I promise not to give any away!) Similarly to the first book, the action and technological elements were strong, but with the second we find depth in character development. 


Benny is unlike the other children at the Taj having come from poverty. His background as a survivalist primed him for leadership. As Benny was thrust into the role of leader, he navigated his way with uncertainty, but not lacking in confidence. Now, readers get a glimpse of how he handles himself under pressure and in global life and death situation. 

The ending made me love and hate Kraatz. It leaves readers wanting more and needing to know what happens next. Space Runners #3: The Cosmic Alliance is due out in November of this year. 

Now for the hard part, deciding what to read next. 

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