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Our Shared Shelf: A Review

Our Shared Shelf: A Review

Like many, 2016 was a rough year for me. More so, it was a bad book year. *record scratch, car alarms, cat screeches* 

I was reading solely for entertainment, material that distracted me without being too mentally stimulating. There was enough occupying my mentality that I just wanted a good plot without worrying that this was most likely the 30th young adult novel with a twisted love triangle and some magical element to it. (You know the kind. Don't pretend that you don't.) To escape my novel purgatory, I decided to join Our Shared Shelf. For those who are unfamiliar, Our Shared Shelf if Emma Watson's book club on Goodreads. I often draw my book recommendations from Goodreads along with a few lists Watson herself has composed, so for me, this book club was a no-brainer. 

Now, this is deemed a *feminist* book club. So if that word or the word "equality" is offensive to you, get out. 

Reading the same novel as hundreds of thousands of people across the globe and discussing it in a forum where opinions are respected rather than attacked is what first drew me to the group. The first novel I read alongside OSS was The Vagina Monolouges by Eve Ensler. There were discussions on how the book had impacted everyone so differently, while other postings of differing perspectives on how the novel was constructed and what issues it presented. I'm not saying everyone's opinion is respected 100% of the time, but most certainly more than they are when having controversial discussions on Facebook or other social media. 

What also drew me to the group was Watson has a Q&A with the author or novel giveaways. It's very interactive while being mentally stimulating. 

If you're interested in checking out OSS click the link below.

Or visit and search Our Shared Shelf as a group. 

If you don't have a Goodreads need to jump on that. Immediately. 

-Go with the tide-


Questions for you:

-Have you ever been in novel purgatory? What did you do to get out?

-Are you part of a book club? If so which one and where at? 

-What novel has made an impact on you mentally? 

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