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The Circle Review

The Circle Review

If a realistic dystopian novel about the internet peaks your interest, this one is for you. I went back and forth about reading this because there are so many mixed reviews, but in the end, I flew through this book. I read it in 2 days!

Fun fact about me: It hurts me to see a movie based on a book that I haven’t read. After seeing the trailer for The Circle featuring Tom Hanks and Emma Watson, I knew it was a must read. You can find a summary here.

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The Circle in short is the most powerful internet company that everyone wants to work for. I won’t give away any spoilers, but I do want to talk about the book’s biggest problem: the main character.

Mae is a static character in an ever-changing world. She’s passive, easily manipulated, cares far too much about what others think of her, and doesn’t have any true motivations for her actions. Throughout the book Mae takes any suspicions of the Circle and brushes them under the rug.

At first I was highly frustrated with her character and considered to quit reading half way through. I’m not saying I need a “strong female character” in every book I read, but I couldn’t even figure out her connections with other characters. But I think that’s Eggers point.

Mae is malleable and believes anything the Circle wants her to believe. Mae mirrors what a lot of people have become in our technological world. Tethered to the internet, believing anything they click on without fact checking, everything needing to be instant. Mae devotes her life to being transparent; how many of us feel like we must share everything on social media? Mae believes that worldwide surveillance of the Circle will bring out the good in people; how many of us present our best selves when we know we’re being watched? Mae believes in the Circle reaching totalitarianism; well, I’ll let you think about that one yourself.  ; )

Overall it’s an engaging read! I’m curious to see if Emma Watson’s Mae has a bit more grit. I’ll leave you with this:




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Questions for you:

-How do you feel about watching movies based off a book? Do you have to read it first, or do you not care? 

-Have you seen the movie yet? What were your thoughts? 

-How do you feel about Mae's charachter? 

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