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My Top 3 Wedding Essentials

My Top 3 Wedding Essentials

Why, yes, the blog has been silent for a couple of months. It turns out, wedding planning is extremely time consuming. (Who knew!) 

Although I've been knee deep in cake and drowning in my guest list, I've been utilizing wedding books. Below, I've included the resources I've found most useful during this exciting, but crazy season in my life. These are my top 3 recommendations to anyone who just got engaged or is in the midst of planning a wedding. 


The Bride's Essential Wedding Planner Deluxe Edition by Amy Nebens

This was my first purchase as a Bride. If you've never planned a wedding, it's hard know where to begin! This planner includes a timeline and detailed checklist. It has multiple sections including ceremony, reception, catering, cake, Bride's attire, Groom's attire, and many more. It includes helpful charts for comparing vendors, along with important questions to ask. This has beyond satisfied me as a planner, but also helped me feel so much more prepared when entering uncharted territories. 


Bridesmaid's Handbook: Savvy Advice, Sensational Showers, & Secrets to Success.                 by Kathy Passero

I purchased this handbook back in college when I was appointed Maid of Honor by one of my oldest friends. Passero does a thourough job of listing duties of the MOH and Bridesmaids, while including wedding etiquette and interlacing it with dry humor. There's a section on traditions, showers, and tips on keeping you bride calm and sane during a stressful time in her life. I always recommend it to first time Bridesmaids because it's educational and fun. 


The Mother of the Bride Book by Sharon Naylor

To counter, Mother of the Bride's need a handbook also! This book provides tips on planning everything from the engagement party to the Bride and Groom's wedding exit. Traditionally, the Bride's parents are considered the hosts of the wedding, and this book lays out the do's and don'ts of being the official hosts. This book is a great resource to ensure no detail goes overlooked, while keeping the Mother of the Bride calm and collected as well. 

In other book news, I just started reading Hey Ladies! The Story of 8 Best Friends, 1 Year, and Way, Way Too Many Emails by Michelle Markowits and Caroline Moss. It's a satire about wedding planning told by long chain emails. Hopefully I laugh a LOT, and none of these crazy scenarios happen to me! 

If you're married and have found any other helpful reads, PLEASE! Send them my way! 

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