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Summer Reading Programs

Summer Reading Programs

Long time, no read! Seriously… I haven’t read a thing. I’ve read one book this year, which is so unlike me. As you may have guessed: life happened. New jobs, moving, stress and exhaustion from all of the above. You know, ‘cause you’ve been there before. (Thank goodness this little blog is just my creative outlet. If I relied on this for money I’d be broke! Props to all you profitable bloggers out there.)

This was also my first year handling year end taxes as an accountant. I wasn’t aware that after you run your final payroll of December, year end close starts that second and doesn’t stop until Tax Day. It just keeps going…I’m getting panicky flashbacks just writing about it. The month of May was spent in mental recovery and I finally had the energy to crack open a new book I was gifted at Christmas. I read Julie Buxbaum’s “What To Say Next”, a novel about grief and how to form friendships after losing someone. Yes, I’ll have a review coming soon. (FINALLY!)

Now that my kids are out for the summer, a new routine begins for the next three months. I have the ability to work from home a couple of days out of the week, but with that comes the balancing act of keeping your kids entertained and civil while you get your work done. That’s where my friend the Library comes in to help with the Summer Reading Program. The goal of Summer Reading Programs is to keep the child’s interest in reading, thus improving their reading level, by rewarding them either by the time they’ve spent reading, or how many books they’ve completed.

The Collaborative Summer Library Program (CSLP) chooses the theme each year. There are 16,000 libraries through the state libraries and systems that have the same theme, creating a sense of community with the Summer Reading Program nationwide. The 2019 theme is “A Universe of Stories.”


Living in North Texas, your library card is active at multiple locations. This gives you a larger selection of material and databases of course, but also options to find the content for your children’s interest. Most libraries will reward your child by the milestone (reading for five hours or having read five books.) Prizes normally involve a free ice cream cone at Dairy Queen, a free short stack at IHOP, a hat, a beach ball etc. Nothing too fancy, but enough to keep your kid motivated!

Barnes and Noble has even implemented a summer reading program where they can earn a free book! Your child will need to keep their own reading journal with the title of the book and write about what their favorite part of the book was and why. You can read more about their program by clicking here. Their stores also highlight the summer must-reads and offer discounts on that selection. Wanna snag a free book yourself? They’ve expanded the program for teens and adults this year.

Programs began June 1 and will run through August, each library varies with the end date. At the beginning of the summer, my kid’s enthusiasm for summer reading is a tad non-existent. It normally takes a little friendly competition until they kick it into gear. I can just hear one of them now bragging that they read one minute longer than the other. Keeping your kid’s reading skills sharp is important, of course, but I love seeing my kids get so excited about their prizes and what book they’ll pick out next.

One of our local libraries chose to put a Galaga spin on the theme. The first thing you see when you walk in is a big Galaga photo backdrop that says “Save the Readingverse!”


Well…my own Readingverse needs a bit of saving. I signed up for the Adult Summer Reading Challenge, maybe a free ice cream cone will motivate me also.

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