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Go With the Tide: September Reading List

Go With the Tide: September Reading List

I love the seasonal shift that comes with September. The weather feels crisp, you get to bust out your sweaters and scarves, and of course there's pumpkin spice everything. The comfy cozy feel of September calls for a good book to cuddle up with. Below are five books that release this moth that are on my reading list. Enjoy! 

They Both Die at the End by Adam Silvera



I’m a fan of Silvera. (Before I fall, If I Stay) I’ve been anticipating this book for a while. Imagine if you knew the day you were going to die, and you needed a friend. In this novel, there’s an app for that called the Last Friend. Two unlikely strangers meet for their End Day, for one last great adventure. They Both Die at the End is released September 5, read a summary here.

Dead Woman Walking by Sharon Bolton



A man murders a woman just as a hot air balloon falls out of the sky. The sole survivor saw the murderer, and he saw her. If you haven’t read Bolton, she’s known for her gripping thrillers. Let’s hope her new novel delivers a suspenseful page turner. Dead Woman Walking is available September 5. Read a full description here.

Warcross by Marie Lu



Marie Lu is known for her trilogies, The Legend Trilogy and The Young Elites Trilogy. Fans have been awaiting her new series, and her new book Warcross is set to release September 12. Lu was an art director at a video game company before becoming a full time author, and her video game past seems to come into play in her new novel. 

Warcross is a game that has become a global obsession that many play to escape reality, and others for profit. Teenage hacker Emika Chen works as a bounty to track players who bet on the game illegally. But one hack went wrong, and Emika becomes a global sensation, then a spy for the game's creator. Available September 12, read a full summary here

The Best Kind of People by Zoe Whittall



A school teacher is arrested in a small town with charges of sexual assault misconduct with his students from his daughter’s school. As he sits in prison, his wife struggles with denial, rage, and the judgment of neighbors. His daughter becomes a social outcast, and his son, a lawyer in New York, returns to patch up the damage while confronting old memories. The Best Kind of People reveals the cracks in what appears to be the perfect American family.

Maybe it’s the journalist in me that loves a town scandal, maybe it’s the feminist in me that wants to see how Whittall approaches rape culture, maybe it’s the optimistic in me that hopes the characters are flawed and devastatingly human, but this is for sure on my to-read list. You can snag the novel September 19, and read a full summary here.

Moxie by Jennifer Mathieu



I read The Truth About Alice a few years ago, and Mathieu’s new book Moxie hits shelves September 19. After being pushed to the edge with her Texas high school administration’s rules, the perfect football team, the hallway harassment, and sexist dress code, Vivan takes a note from her 90’s punk rock mother. She creates an anonymous feminist zine that goes to all her classmates. Though she was just looking for an outlet, she started a revolution. Read a summary here

What books are you most excited about this month? 

-Go with the tide- 

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