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Last Minute Gift Guide

Last Minute Gift Guide


Where are my procrastinators at? I know you’re out there, you think you have all the time in the world to buy Christmas gifts and suddenly we’re less than 10 days away. But fear not, I’ve got the perfect last minute gift guide for you. (That is, if the person you’re buying for is a reader.)

Since this is a last minute guide, these products can be found at Amazon for those of you with Prime and need two day shipping. (You’re welcome!) If you don’t have Prime, you still have time to get your order before Christmas, or you can sign up for a free week trial. I've linked everything for you to save you time in your last minute shopping madness. 


1)  Literary Scarf – These scarves are perfect for the winter months, and subtle enough for your reader to wear in everyday life. The one pictured is Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, but I’ve seen Harry Potter, Edgar Allen Poe’s The Raven, Alice in Wonderland, and multiple Shakespeare options.  Outside of Amazon, there are multiple options on Etsy as well.

2)  Frostbeard Studio Candle- This is sure to become your reader’s new favorite candle to light when they sit down to read. Frostbeard makes a line of soy candles inspired by books and a love of reading. You can bring the smell of old books, the Shire, and the Divination classroom straight to your home.

BONUS: I also LOVE Fandlemonium’s geek and book themed candles. Alas, you wouldn’t be able to get your order by Christmas, but I do recommend checking them out.

Rent Textbooks at

3)  Shakespeare Insult Mug- Ah, the best insults are intelligent, witty, and dripping with sarcasm. Who better to learn from than the king of insults himself, William Savage Shakespeare? Some of my favorites include: “I do desire we may better be strangers” and “Thou crusty batch of nature.”

4)  Harry Potter Changing Patronus Mug- I had to include this mug because it’s just too beautiful not to. The mug is black while cold, and when hot reveals “Always” and Lily Potter’s Patronus. There are multiple options for heat reveal mugs, I had the Marauder’s Map gifted to me last year, and when hot it reveals footsteps.

5)  Novel Teas- To pair nicely with their mug you can include Novel Teas, or they would suffice as a gift on their own. The pack includes 25 English Breakfast tea bags tagged with book quotes. They also offer a pack of 5 that would make a great stocking stuffer that can be found here

Tea is Always a Good Idea

6)  Library Card Socks – Am I the only one who misses the library cards on the inside of books? Yes…no? Either way, these socks are sure to be a hit with your reader. They’re perfect to cozy up in and crack open a new book. Although, I would consider the age of your reader. If they are under the age of 20, they most likely won’t catch the reference.

7)  Canvas Book Bag- Canvas bags are perfect for toting all the books you checked out at the library to and from your home. Of course, there are multiple uses for canvas bags, but you get my point. This bag features the original art from The Great Gatsby; there is a Pride and Prejudice and Alice in Wonderland option as well.

8)  Tyrion Lannister Quote Shirt- For The Game of Thrones fan, or those who personally identify with Tryion Lannister. This shirt is unisex and comes in black, grey, and navy.

9)   Just Clip It Quote Bookmarks- These would make a perfect stocking stuffer! These magnetic bookmarks feature clever quotes in a pack of four. My favorites are “I like big books and I cannot lie” and “Just one more chapter”.

10)  Gift Card- Of course! I personally hate giving gift cards, but do enjoying receiving them. This way, you’re giving your reader the gift of buying a novel of their choosing. Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Books-A-Million gift cards can be bought online, or at your local drug store.

Shop, drink, read, and be merry! 

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