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Book Fairies

Book Fairies

Do you believe in book fairies? I do! Book Fairies can be anyone, anywhere. If you want to share books, you can participate by buying stickers or ribbons and hiding books. If you're a book lover, you may find a book hidden in the most unlikely of places. 


My first experience with the Book Fairies was International Women's Day 2017. Book Fairies across the globe hid books from the Our Shared Shelf reading list. I participated by leaving copies Maya Angelou novels in secret spots downtown Rapid City.

The fairies began in March 2017 and already have 5,000 people sharing books in 100 different countries. Of course, I just had to get my wings and begin hiding  books as well! 



I purchased the Book Fairies green tote, green ribbons, bookmarks, and stickers in English. The stickers come in a variety of languages. They also have white ribbon, multiple badges, and t-shirts. 


They also have multiple bundles to choose from to help save you a bit of money. They currently have a bundle partnered with Goodreads for their #Hideabookday pack, which is being celebrated September 18. In this bundle, Goodreads has included a special sticker but are only available before the event. 



With your order, you receive a "mini guide to being a Book Fairy" which includes steps to prepping your book, hiding them and their social media handles. Their Instagram is so fun to follow, you can get fun ideas on where to hide books and they almost always include a description of the book being hidden. This is also a great way to get in touch with other book fairies in your country or state. Of course, all of this information and more is available at their website, which you can visit to by clicking here.

I've yet to hide my books, but they're all ready to go! I'll be participating in #Hideabookday from the beaches in Florida. Go forth and hide books, fairies! 

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